1. It’s really weird that I feel more nervous walking in NTU than in the big unknown of Japan. So I stopped to take a picture and look at scenaries.

  2. Of course, #parfait is a must before I head home.

  3. We stopped by some bushes of #hydrangea @ 中板橋駅

  4. Lol this giant polaroid cam is so cute! :D #intransit

  5. 変わりゆく空♪

  6. Actually, it’s more like Jungle in the city. #都会中の田舎 #countrysideinthecity

  7. Stripey Tokyo Banana. I can totally imagine it as a nice soft toy.

  8. The blossoms are in!

  9. A well-written twist is one which you had seen coming but still founding satisfying to read about when it actually came. #deepsecret #dianawynnejones

  10. Finally, I can get down to reading #DeepSecrets. I should know better than to say kids are horrible, since self-fulfilling prophecies evidently exist across the multiuniverse. #dianawynnejones