1. Here, we see Michael working on the spell Howl set him, Calcifer looking menacing as he prides himself to be, Sophie mending Howl’s suit, and that wonderful door that leads to four places. #googledoodle #dianawynnejones

  2. It’s really weird that I feel more nervous walking in NTU than in the big unknown of Japan. So I stopped to take a picture and look at scenaries.

  3. Of course, #parfait is a must before I head home.

  4. We stopped by some bushes of #hydrangea @ 中板橋駅

  5. Lol this giant polaroid cam is so cute! :D #intransit

  6. 変わりゆく空♪

  7. Actually, it’s more like Jungle in the city. #都会中の田舎 #countrysideinthecity

  8. Stripey Tokyo Banana. I can totally imagine it as a nice soft toy.

  9. The blossoms are in!

  10. A well-written twist is one which you had seen coming but still founding satisfying to read about when it actually came. #deepsecret #dianawynnejones